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Version: 2023.3

Known Limitations

This section describes known limitations of CloudShell , as well as possible workarounds for these issues when available.

IssueSolution/WorkaroundDiscovered inInternal WI
Irrelevant error message to restart session appears when reserving a persistent sandbox which has conflictsTogether with a relevant message about the conflict another error appears asking to restart the session. This message can be ignored.2023.213743
Export routes as csv does not include routs that are connected to abstract resources. 2023.212586
The blueprint's Approval settings are currently not included when exporting the blueprint package. 2023.111273
When reserving a blueprint from CloudShell Portal, triangle quotes <> are not supported in blueprint string inputs. Attempting to reserve a blueprint with such a value will fail.
Note: This limitation only applies when reserving blueprints from CloudShell Portal; There is no issue with passing this value via API.:::
 2022.253747 (support ticket)
Due to an issue with C++ Redistributable installation, Sandbox API gateway configuration fails with the following error:
ERROR WatchdogProcessManager - Process '"C:\Program Files (x86)\QualiSystems\CloudShell\SandboxApiGateway\win64\bin\httpd.exe"' has exited with code -1073741515.
Manually install the redistributable, from this folder:
CloudShell 2022.2 GA [2022.2.0.1470]\Data\Prereq\visual c++ runtime 17.0\vcredist_x86\VC_redist.x86.exe
For sandboxes that were extended beyond the limits of the user/blueprint, for example by the admin. There will be some known issues:
- The properties page will show the time limited to what the user itself can actually reserve.
- End-users trying to update any of the sandbox properties may shorten the time of the sandbox to the end-user's maximum allowed duration. This will happen if the user made the update before their allowed duration was surpassed. However, if the sandbox has been running for longer than the user's allowed duration, the sandbox duration will not be changed.
Note: In previous versions, a user would fail to save the sandbox properties changes with a ‘historic date’ error message.
 2022.151227 (support ticket)
L1 drivers functionality may fail for customers upgrading to 2022.1If you upgraded to CS 2022.1 and above and your L1 isn’t working, please see L1 functionality isn’t working (2022.1 and above).2022.151346 (support ticket)
Insight dashboards sometimes do not include extended sandbox data 2022.1185279
Resources from a locked blueprint (that has an active draft) can be deleted via the [Delete] keyboard key without needing to first unlock the blueprint. This issue relates to the new What's New in Version 2023.3 feature that was implemented in 2022.1. 2022.1185322
In the following scenario, external users can promote a draft. Regular users that are permitted editors in a blueprint draft remain permitted editors even after their role changes to external user. This issue relates to the new What's New in Version 2023.3 feature that was implemented in 2022.1. 2022.1185327
Adding a deployed App resource from a different reservation may sometimes cause the Robot Page to appear when opening the deployed App resource's Application Commands pane. 2022.1185187
Service asset is added but not associated to the service model when imported from blueprint: When importing a blueprint that contains services, repository assets that are associated to the services are added to CloudShell without the association to the services.After importing the blueprint, associate the service models to the repository assets, as appropriate.2022.1185105
Setup scripts that use global inputs with empty spaces before or after the input value may sometimes fail. 2022.1184029
Updating an App template to a resource without a driver does not refresh well in the blueprintEdit the App in the blueprint and remove the driver (Set the driver to "no driver")2021.29998
Quotes in the blueprint's description caused error when running edit_apps via Packaging API 2021.2184628
CloudShell Insight does not include data on rejected Job Scheduling sandboxes. 2021.2180277
When linking a global input to a published abstract attribute, values with commas are converted into lists. 2021.2184737
When working with SSO integration, CloudShell expects user names to have a valid name. 2021.2184283
Multiple domains with the same name but different casing cannot coexist in the New Job Scheduling 2021.2181249
Running a custom script in an App using WinRM displays an incorrect error message in case of a timeout 2021.1182336
Upgrade from version 2020.2: Saving a sandbox fails for sandboxes that were active during the upgrade from a version earlier than 2020.2 and contain an abstract resource that is configured with 'revert to abstract during save'. 2021.1180743
FindResources API method does not return sub-resources when using resourceAddress argument. 2021.1179588
In Job Scheduling versions earlier than 2021.1, test jobs will fail to create a sandbox with a duration shorter than 5 minutes.Before running the job, in the customer.config file, add the following configuration key to change the minimum sandbox duration: <add key="MinDurationForReservationInMinutes" value="1"/>2021.1180133
Installing Sisense and Quali Server on the same machine is not possible.Sisense server cannot be installed on the Quali Server machine. Quali Server uses a dedicated RabbitMQ installation, resulting in a coexistence clash with the Sisense server's RabbitMQ.2020.2-
Performance - QS config configuration wizard fails on big number of users 2020.2 
Saving a sandbox that was active during upgrade from a pre-MongoDB version fails 2020.2 
It is not possible to update the global inputs on a sandbox that also has an abstract requirement of type 'equals'. 2020.2 
Server extensibility: The user who created a sandbox is passed to the following server extensibility events:
- BeforeReservationCreated
- BeforeReservationDeleted
- BeforeRecurringReservationCreated
- AfterReservationCreated
Error when trying to save a sandbox with vCenter 2 based appUse the 1st gen vCenter shell.2020.2 
RabbitMQ and Server is failing to start up since ¥ replacing \ in code text (Japanese keyboard1. Run the Quali server configuration until the stage of Mongo DB configuration
2. Delete the rabbitmq-env-conf.bat file located in Qualisystems\Cloudshell\server\Sandboxservice\RabbitMQ\rabbitmq_server\etc\RabbitMQ
3. Complete the configuration process
In the Sandbox dashboard, searching for a Sandbox is possible using it's full name only. 2020.2 
Azure Integration - unstable issue: When ending a sandbox that failed during Setup and that has 2 Azure Apps with P2P connectivity, the deployed apps are not deleted. 2020.2 
Azure Integration: For Blueprints that have 2 Azure apps with P2P connectivity, reservation fails when both apps have "Add Public IP" set to True.Instead of using a peer-to-peer connection, add a subnet and connect both apps to the subnet.2020.2 
Unstable issue: During the Quali Server configuration a false-positive 'Failed to install CloudShell RabbitMQ Service' warning message may appear during an initial stage of the CloudShell installation.Click OK and continue with the installation flow.2020.2 
After deleting a non-Global domain, a script that was associated with the deleted domain is displayed under 'All Domains' instead of the 'Global' domain. 2020.2 
When Exporting a Sandbox to a PDF, perpendicular lines will not be presented. 2020.2 
Starting with version 2020.2, sandbox events data is stored on MongoDB. As such, upgrade from an earlier CloudShell version may take longer than usual while this data is being copied from SQL Server to MongoDB.
This behavior is expected to occur on the first upgrade from a version earlier than 2020.2 only.
If you are using the New Job Scheduling service, you will not be able to change the domain names. This is due to the fact that when changing the domain name, the suite data should remain available. 2020.2 
When the MongoDB Collection name contains any of the following special characters, the MongoDB configuration fails and a 'an unknown error occurred' pop-up message is displayed: ".<>\$*Do not include and of the following special characters in the MongoDB collection: ".<>\$*
Unstable Issue: Under high load of concurrent sandbox-creation requests, an active sandbox with conflict is created instead of presenting the conflicts in a pop-up window. 2020.2 
When reserving a blueprint with excluded resource(s), the sandbox will not be reserved but the excluded resources will not be listed in the 'resources in conflict' list. 2020.2 
When searching for resources by partial resource-family name no relevant resources are returned in the list of results.Use the exact resource-family name in the resource search pane.2020.2 
When a user clicks the job history panel twice while loading the main dashboard of the Scheduling & Queuing, an error page is displayed.Avoid clicking the area while the data is loading.2020.2 
TestShell Studio Terminal tool can’t open an SSH session to Windows 10 SSH ServerUse Open SSH instead of the Windows 10 SSH server.2020.2 
Shellfoundry password cannot contain the special characters colon(:). 2020.2 
Importing the "" package on a slow machine may trigger an error message to appear during the Server Config.Ignore the error message and click OK.2020.2 
Netscout data model cannot be imported into CloudShell if there is an existing L1 data model in the system (Resource Families).Remove all L1 data models from CloudShell as well as any attributes referenced in the error message. Import Netscout into CloudShell, then import the other L1 drivers.2020.150250 (support ticket )
The Sandboxes dashboard does not support searching by partial sandbox ID. 2020.1181588
For customers who are:
1. Upgrading from CloudShell version 9.0 or earlier to version 9.1 or later
2. Have blueprints that contain abstract resources with published attributes
3. Are using Job Scheduling
Job suites with published inputs using above mentioned blueprints will fail and all published inputs may be lost.
1. Upgrade to the latest available CloudShell version only.
2. Contact your Technical Account Manager to perform a required manual update to all job suites.
The UpdateTopologyOwner API does not support changing ownership for a blueprint in a different domain (from the currently logged in one) for any user type, including domain and system admins. The following error is displayed: "External user cannot take ownership of a topology". pre-9.3181471
In Resource Manager client, when editing the "Max Scheduled Sandboxes” for a user multiple times, the last valid value is saved.Enter a numeric value only  
In the Job Scheduling dashboard, when the user attempts to run a test suite during which the user exceeds the maximum number of scheduled sandboxes s/he’s permitted to schedule, a wrong error message is displayed in the cancelled job.The user should avoid exceeding his/her permitted number of sandboxes.  
Resource, App and Service attribute names can contain alphanumeric characters and spaces only. When importing resource families to CloudShell through Resource Manager Client, this issue is not enforced and an error message will not appear. However, referencing imported attributes whose names contain unsupported characters may cause unexpected behavior.Before importing packages or the system.xml configuration file, review all attribute names.  
Using the packaging API, it is possible to add the following to a blueprint: shared sub-resources that are added to an unshared resource. This is not possible through the Resource Manager client.   
Using the API, when the config key "PickOnlyUsersFromLoggedInUserGroups” is set to "true”, the sandbox owner can be changed to a user which is outside of the user group of the current owner. When this key is set to "true" the changeowner API is not enforced by the key and the behavior is undefined.   
Using the API, when the config key "PickOnlyLoggedInUser” is set to "true”, the sandbox owner can be changed to a user other than himself. When this key is set to "true" the changeowner API is not enforced by the key and the behavior is undefined.   
The Linux Execution Server installation script fails when executed on a Linux operating system with an existing installation of Python 3 with symlink to usr/bin/python3.1. Remove the symlink from usr/bin/python3 by running the following cmd: rm –f /usr/bin/python3.
2. Run the Installation script again.
In some cases, in the Job Scheduling dashboard, a suite's status may appear as "in process" while its jobs have already ended.If you are experiencing this issue, please open a support ticket.  
When attempting to set a sandbox's data using the API command SetSandboxData from multiple sources at the same time, an error message is received intermittently.