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Version: 2023.3

Bugs Fixed

The table below lists all the bugs reported by customers, that were resolved in version 2023.3. All releases may include additional resolved issues, which are not included in this list.

Support Case #Internal WI #DescriptionFixed in Version
5509412132Impossible to search by attribute value that contains hyphen2023.3
5643713076Unable to delete blueprint copies2023.3
5558812745Portal inventory search "Available Now" incorrectly shows booked and unshared resources2023.3
5541012310Cannot set SupportConcurrentCommand on custom service shell2023.3
5512012268Sandbox attachments won't show in Portal without a refresh2023.3
5486211925Search fails in Resource Manager for Domain Admins2023.3
5455511835Cannot use dev_helpers.attach_to_cloudshell in scripts2023.3
5442111755Sandbox output does not show ansible's command response2023.3
5435211710Irrelevant conflict list if there are several resources in a blueprint and only one is in conflict2023.3
5405311367Ansible shell commands are not cancelable2023.3
54348, 5682611697CloudShell's Windows services will should have the application path enclosed in quotes.2023.3
5569711053Job automatically cancelled with reason "An unexpected error occurred trying to create reservation"2023.2
5440111814GetReservationDetails date output is not consistent2023.2
5549912371Sandbox Setup failed and returned the following error: "General Execution. Failed to start execution: Server is unavailable".2023.2
5531212262Resources in blueprint are not displayed if there are too many sub-resources.2023.2
5449612239Suite fails with "does not have sufficient permissions to be the sandbox owner".2023.2
5431512027CloudShell installation granted elevated privileges to Authenticated Users. The elevated privileges are rolled back automatically by the installation process when they're no longer needed.2023.2
5284810909Naming convention for New Job Scheduling suite executions is different from the old Job Scheduling.2023.2
523219975Cannot delete deployed app after cloud provider resource has been deleted.2023.2