Behavior Changes and Removed Capabilities

Behavior Changes

The following list includes changes in behavior introduced into CloudShell Pro by version:

Capability Change Description Changed in Release
New CloudShell installation prerequisites

As of version 2020.2 we are moving some of our Sandbox related data to be managed and stored in Mongo DB instead of SQL Server. This allows CloudShell Pro to drastically improve its performance, allowing hundreds of Sandbox reservation per minute.

  • 2 new prerequisites are installed on Quali Sever:
    • MongoDB
    • RabbitMQ
  • Quali Server's Installation Wizard and QsConfig have gone through some changes. New screens and some updated to existing screens have been added to the flow.
2020.2 GA
DB optimizations clean-ups Data expiration is defined by default to be saved indefinitely. Admins can now define the time to keep sandbox event log data via the SandboxLogAndOutputSaveDuration configuration key. 2020.2 GA
"In Use" Sandbox overtime

When using Job Scheduling, sandboxes will now end once all tests in the job are completed or the sandbox reaches its defined duration (the earlier of the two). This applies also to sandboxes that include L1 switches or use an ActivateTopology API method.

9.3 GA Patch 5

Breaking Changes

The following list includes capabilities that have been removed from CloudShell Pro and the version number in which the change was introduced.


Capability Change Description Changed in Release
Periods no longer supported in abstract resource names Abstract resource names no longer support '.' (period) characters. Furthermore, importing blueprints will replace periods with underscores '_' in abstract resource names. 2020.2
Blueprint Build Type - Deprecation It is no longer possible to reserve blueprints of type Build. 2020.2 GA

As of version 9.3, customers that have a Team Tier license will not be able to:

  1. Have more than 50 concurrent licenses
  2. Use white labeling
  3. SSO to the system
9.3 GA
Licensing Customers that will not have a job scheduling add-on license will not see the job scheduling tab in the portal, and will not be able to start jobs using API calls. 9.3 GA