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CloudShell Pro 9.3 Release Notes

Release Build # Release Date
Patch 2020-01-16
Patch 1 2019-10-28

Planning to upgrade?

Please reach out to your customer success agent for full upgrade support.

You can upgrade to CloudShell 9.3 from any CloudShell version that is under support (either Premier or Extended support phases). To upgrade from a version that is no longer under support, contact your customer success representative.

For system requirements information, see the version's Installation Guide.

Before proceeding, please review the General Announcements , Bugs Fixed and the Behavior Changes and Removed Capabilities of this release.

Note for customers that are using TestShell Studio with local tests and Source Control : As part of the upgrade or patch installation, a migration process is triggered on existing TestShell Studio tests that require alignment with the latest version. To make sure this change is committed to your source control, and tests are fully compatible with the version, you must make sure that all tests are checked-out before starting the upgrade process, and checked-in once the upgrade is complete.

Earlier Versions' Release Notes

For release notes of earlier CloudShell versions, see CloudShell's Download Center.