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Version: 2023.3

New Job Scheduling REST API

The New Job Scheduling REST API enables developers to perform certain administrative actions, including managing your Test Execution and Discovery services and integrating Job Scheduling operations as part of a CI/CD process.

Live documentation page

The New Job Scheduling live documentation page allows you to test and experiment with the API. It is accessed directly from the Job Scheduling Portal, by clicking the REST API tab on the left. For details, see REST API Page.

To use the API's methods, you must pass an authentication token. To obtain the token, execute the New Job Scheduling API Login method. There's also a Refresh login method for situations where your token's validity period has expired and you need to renew it.

The following New Job Scheduling REST API methods are available:


Suite Executions:

AdHoc Suites:

Suite Templates:

Test Discovery Servers:

Test Execution Servers:

Test Executions: