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Importing a Blueprint Package into CloudShell

Once you complete the required changes to the blueprints, do the following:

  1. Find the package Path you entered in the Load function.
  2. Locate the ZIP file located in that path and load it into the database.
  3. Import the blueprint packages to CloudShell:
    1. For manual import from the Self Service Portal, see Import a Blueprint Package into CloudShell
    2. For automatic import, use the QualiAPI import package function as follows:

      #Import the package into CloudShell

      1. # 1 – authenticate

        r = requests.put('http://localhost:9000/Api/Auth/Login', {"username": "admin", "password": "admin", "domain": "Global"})

        authcode = "Basic "+r._content[1:-1]

      2. #2 – Open the package before import

        fileobj = open("c:\\", 'rb')

      3. #3 – Send to CloudShell by calling Import Package REST API

        r ='http://localhost:9000/API/Package/ImportPackage',

        headers={"Authorization": authcode},

        files={"file": fileobj}