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What's New in Help Version CloudShell 9.0 GA

Troubleshooting Guide

The Troubleshooting Guide provides possible causes to common errors and offers step-by-step instructions to resolve them. To help you quickly find what you are looking for, simply search for the error or check out the guide's table of contents, organized in categories like Database and Permissions, QualiX and vCenter.

CloudShell Dev Guide - new instructional videos

To help you successfully develop in CloudShell, we have started incorporating short instructional videos in the CloudShell Dev Guide. These videos illustrate key development methods, principles and implementation examples. The videos are embedded throughout the dev guide and listed in the dev guide's new Short Development Videos article.

Online Help Documentation Updates and News

Enhanced vCenter Integration documentation

Following customer feedback, we rewrote our VMware vCenter Integration and Configuration chapter to include additional content and clarifications regarding the integration with vCenter, including a detailed explanation of the architecture, outline of the integration configuration steps, high level vCenter App deployment flow, and an end-to-end tutorial video on Add VMware vCenter Cloud Provider Resource (at the bottom of the article).

Official Shells: Documentation initiative

We're currently rewriting the user guides of our official shells (Preview and Certified grades) to improve the overall quality, clarity and usability of the documentation. The new guides are provided as readme (.md) files attached to the shell's source code on GitHub, allowing you to easily view and also modify the contents (if you choose to extend a shell and wish to document your updates), and contain comprehensive information about the shell, its data model, and up to date installation and usage instructions.

Shells are updated based on urgency and customer feedback, so feel free to use the send feedback button at the bottom right corner of this page to tell us which shells you'd like us to update next.

This is a long term initiative and is expected to span several CloudShell releases.

Help Patch Documentation Updates

Version 2.0:

Version 2.1:

Release 9.0 Features and Enhancements

Below are some of the major improvements and enhancements introduced in CloudShell 9.0:

Save and Restore for sandboxes

CloudShell 9.0 provides support for saving and restoring virtual sandboxes. In version 9.0, Save and Restore applies to sandboxes containing vCenter Apps and/or services. For additional information, see Sandbox Save and Restore Overview.

In future versions, this feature will be expanded to support additional types of components, including resources and other cloud provider Apps.

Custom Cloud Provider implementation guide

The Cloud Provider implementation guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to develop a shell that integrates the cloud provider of your choice with CloudShell. The guide is available in version 9.0 of the CloudShell Dev Guide.

This is done using the Cloud Provider shell template, which allows you to easily model and add new cloud providers to CloudShell, beyond our supported cloud providers (AWS, Azure, vCenter, Openstack). Custom Cloud Provider supports both private and public cloud deployments and is based on our existing Shells Standard mechanism.

Ease of use and ideas from our Community

Release 9.0 introduces some great enhancements taken from our Community’s Idea-box:

Key online help improvements

In addition to other improvements and enhancements, below are some of the major improvements in the CloudShell 9.0 online help.

API Enhancements

  • CloudShell Automation API:
    • API methods for saving, viewing, restoring and deleting saved sandboxes
    • GetTopologyUrls: New API method for generating a full blueprint URL (To be used when trying to open a topology from a link)

Key CloudShell Dev Guide enhancements

  • New custom cloud providers chapter explaining how to implement any cloud provider in CloudShell. For details see Custom Cloud Provider implementation guide at the top of this article
  • New article explaining how to work with resource scripts
  • New CloudShell APIs article providing a detailed description of each API as well as useful links and implementation examples
  • Shellfoundry offline mode
  • L1 driver shell implementation guide
  • Enhanced shell debugging and logging information

For additional information, visit the CloudShell Dev Guide.

New and updated shell standards

  • Networking standard 5.0.4
  • Cloud provider standard 1.0.0
  • Deployed app standard 1.0.3
  • Virtual traffic generator standard 1.0.0

The "CloudShell Standards" documentation pages are available on this GitHub page.