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Getting Started with Packaging API


  1. Make sure you have Python installed on your machine.
  2. Download to your machine. You can download the zip from the Python Package Editor section in Quali's Download Center.
  3. Run the pip tool to install the package.

Code Sample

The following code sample provides an example of how to create new blueprints using the API. This example demonstrates how to perform the following flow:

This example uses the “requests” python module. The module can be found at

from quali_utils.quali_packaging import PackageEditor import requests
#Create a new package in the local file system
p = PackageEditor()

#Load the package and prepare for edit
#Edit the package: f.e add new family
p.add_family("Ball", "", ["Game", "3D Shape", "MoreStuff"], False, False, False, False, True)

#Import the package into CloudShell
# 1 – authenticate
r = requests.put('http://localhost:9000/Api/Auth/Login', {"username": "admin", "password": "admin", "domain": "Global"})
authcode =
"Basic "+r._content[1:-1]

#2 – Open the package before import
fileobj = open("c:\\", 'rb') 
#3 – Send to CloudShell by calling Import Package REST API
r ='http://localhost:9000/API/Package/ImportPackage',
"Authorization": authcode},
"file": fileobj})
print r._content
print r.ok