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Add Abstract Resources

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About abstract resources

Abstract resources enable you to add a set of requirements, such as resource model and/or specific attribute values instead of adding a specific resource. When reserving a blueprint that has an abstract resource, CloudShell will find resources that meet the resource requirements and are available for the time slot of the sandbox, and add them to the sandbox. You cannot add abstract resources to a sandbox.

Note: Abstract resources can be saved as templates, which can be easily added to any blueprint, just like any specific resource. Abstract templates are created and managed by the administrator in the Inventory dashboard, in the Abstract Templates page.

Blueprints with abstract resources

An abstract resource is represented on the diagram as a resource with a dotted circle around it. For example:

Hybrid blueprints

Blueprints can contain a mixture of abstract and specific resources. Furthermore, the blueprint can contain connectivity requests between any types of resources.

Creating abstract resources

You can use abstract resources in your blueprint in the following ways:

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