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You are here: Blueprints > Creating Blueprints > Define the Blueprint's Properties

Define the Blueprint's Properties

This section explains how to set the blueprint's properties, including name and description, image to be displayed in the Blueprint Catalog, the default duration for sandboxes based on this blueprint, owner and orchestration processes.

To define the blueprint's properties:

  1. From the Blueprint menu, select Properties.

    The Edit Blueprint page is displayed, in the General tab.

  2. Edit the blueprint's properties, as follows:

    ImageThe blueprint's image displayed in the Blueprint Catalog. The recommended size for the image is 190x120 pixels (image size is limited to 400x400 pixels or 200 KB).


    The blueprint's name.
    Created(Read only) The blueprint's creation and last modification times.
    OwnerThe blueprint's owner. Only users in the blueprint’s domain that aren’t external can be set as blueprint owner.
    DescriptionThe blueprint's description.
    DeleteDeletes the blueprint.
    Default Duration

    The default duration for new sandboxes. By default, the sandbox duration is 2 hours.

    Set Max Duration

    The Set Max Duration check box enables you to set the maximum duration for the active sandbox. For example, to prevent users from over-using any valuable resources the sandbox may contain.

    Note: If there is a maximum duration set for the user, the shorter duration prevails.

    Drivers / ScriptsSelect blueprint drivers and scripts. For additional information, see Configure Blueprint Orchestration.

    Select the blueprint categories in which the blueprint is displayed. Once a category is selected, select the relevant sub-category, if there is one. For additional information, see Managing Categories.

  3. Click Update.