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Create a Blueprint

You can create an empty blueprint or base it on a blueprint template.

Each blueprint has an owner which by default is the user who created the blueprint, but it can be changed by the owner or by an admin.

Creating an empty blueprint

Note: If this option is not enabled and no templates are available, the new blueprint is created with preconfigured Setup and Teardown processes. They can be removed or edited in the Properties page of the blueprint.

To create an empty blueprint:

  1. In the top left section of the Blueprint Catalog, click + Create Blueprint
  2. From the drop-down list, select Create New Blueprint.

    A new blueprint is created and a blank diagram workspace is displayed. 

Creating a blueprint from a template

Note: As default, users can create blueprints from templates only. As an admin you can enable your users to create blank blueprints by changing the configuration key value. See Allowing users to create new empty blueprints.

Blueprints that are created from a template inherit the template's settings, including resources, services, apps, scripts, drivers and connections.

For step-by-step instructions on how to create a blueprint template, see Creating a new blueprint template.

To create a new blueprint from a template:

  1. In the top left section of the Blueprint Catalog, click the + Create Blueprint button.
  2. From the menu, select the required template.

    Note: The CloudShell Sandbox Template template automatically deploys Apps and resolves connections on Setup, and deletes the Apps from their cloud providers on Teardown. For additional information, see CloudShell Sandbox Template.

    If the template has inputs, the Create Template window is displayed. Configure the input settings and click Create to create a new blueprint based on this template.

  3. Optionally, to create an empty blueprint from scratch, select the + Create New Blueprint menu option.
  4. Rename the new blueprint and perform any required changes to it.

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