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You are here: Job Scheduling > Running Automation Suites > Running Custom Automation Suites

Running Custom Automation Suites

You can run a customized version of an existing automation suite. Execution history for custom suites is stored together with the original suite template, even if none of the jobs are the same.

Customizing an automation suite does not change the automation suite template's settings.

To customize an existing automation suite:

  1. In the Executions page, click the automation suite's Run Custom button.

    The Run Suite page is displayed.

  2. Customize the automation suite's settings, as follows:

    • ASAP: run the job as soon possible (depending on the availability of the execution server and blueprint's resources)
    • Specific: run in a specific timeframe
    TestsSelect which of the automation suite's tests to include in the execution
    DescriptionOptionally enter a description for the execution

    If any of the automation suite's tests have published inputs, use this area to set the values of the published and unpublished inputs.

  3. To set additional customization options, including adding/removing jobs or tests, and modifying their durations, click the Customize button.
  4. Click Run.