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In order for CloudShell data to be refreshed, you must define a synchronization schedule.

To define a synchronization schedule:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose All Programs > SiSense > SiSense ElastiCube Manager.
  1. In the main menu, click Servers .
  2. Click Manage Servers.
  1. From the Available ElastiCubes list, select QS_ElastiCube.

  1. Click Schedule Synchronization.

    The synchronization options are:

    Time of Day

    Build the ElastiCube daily, at a specified time.

    Specify the time in the time input field: .

    Days of Week

    Build the ElastiCube on specific weekdays at a specified time.

    Specify the day and time in the relevant input fields:

    Day of Month

    Build the ElastiCube monthly, at a specified date.

    Specify the date and the time in the relevant input fields:


    Build the ElastiCube every specified time interval.

    Specify the time interval in the relevant input fields:

    The recommended setting is 1 day interval.

    Note: Resource utilization is updated on a daily basis even if a synchronization is scheduled more frequently.

  1. Click Update.