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CloudShell Insight BI Overview

This chapter explains how to install the Sisense plugin, describes the data collected from CloudShell, and provides basic guidelines for dashboard customization.

CloudShell Insight BI provides out-of-the-box dashboards with useful information such as inventory utilization and resource allocation. The information is collected from CloudShell databases and can be queried using Sisense, which is an advanced BI platform that is designed for extensive data analysis.

Sisense is a flexible platform that can present large amounts of data in meaningful and useful dashboards. You can use the default dashboard provided with CloudShell Insight BI package or build customized dashboards to reflect your business needs.

CloudShell Insight BI enables you to transform your raw data into meaningful business information by presenting it in dynamic, interactive, web-based dashboards that are customized to highlight the information. The flow of data from CloudShell databases to CloudShell Insight BI is depicted in the following diagram:

For details about each of the CloudShell Insight BI components in this diagram, see Sisense BI Components.

For details about Sisense user roles, see this official Sisense docs article.