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Migrate Existing Sisense Profiles to SSO Profiles

This article describes how to migrate existing Sisense profiles (profiles that were created before enabling SSO). The migration replaces the old profiles with new SSO profiles.

In this article:

Configure SSO

Before you begin Sisense migration, configure SSO as described in Configuring Sisense to Work with SSO.

Create user SSO profiles after migrating

To create user SSO profiles after migrating:

  1. Users must login to CloudShell Portal.
  1. Click Insight to create the SSO profiles. (By default users have consumer access to Sisense).
  1. Login to the Sisense portal as administrator.
  1. Specify user roles, such as contributor and admin.
  1. Share dashboards with the users.

    Note: Dashboards are only visible to users when they are shared.

  1. (Optional) Remove the old user accounts.

    If old user accounts are not removed, users are still able to access the accounts directly from the Sisense login page. However, the CloudShell Insight tab points to the new SSO profiles.