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Key Points And Limitations

  • Utilization is only saved for connectable resources. Chassis or blade utilization is calculated according to the ports usage.
  • Utilization requires CloudShell inventory to have at least one connectable resource.
  • Resource utilization is updated once a day at 01:00, according to the time zone of the Sisense database server.
  • Resource utilization is calculated using 4 hours minimal daily resolution.
  • Blueprint usage is determined according to the duration of sandboxes for the blueprint.
  • Blueprint resources are derived from the resource utilization once a day, therefore resource details are available when the utilization is updated (01:00), according to the time zone of the Sisense database server.
  • Where resources are shared in multiple sandboxes, the usage of such resources can be higher than 24 hours in a day.
  • Utilization is only saved for resources that are stored in the inventory.
  • Automation suites executions are available only for TestShell executions (there is no support for custom execution servers).