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Help Version: 1.2

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Install the CloudShell Insight BI Dashboards

Download the CloudShell Insight BI package (see Download the Installation Files) and follow the steps in the following procedure.

To install the CloudShell Insight BI dashboards:

  1. Open CloudShell Portal.

  1. Click Insight.

  1. Next to My Dashboards, click the Plus icon.
  1. Select Folder. Enter a folder name (for example, CloudShell Insight 8.0 GA).
  1. Import each of the dashboards as follows:
  1. Click the menu icon next to the folder name and select Import Dashboard.

  1. In the Import Dashboard window, select Choose File. Browse to the location where the Quali Insight Package was downloaded. The *.dash files are located in the Dashboards folder.

  1. Select the required dashboard file, click Open, and click Import.
  1. Repeat steps a through c until you have imported the required dashboards.