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Enable Direct Access to Insight within CloudShell Portal

You can customize CloudShell Portal to display an Insight button to open BI.

To configure direct access to Insight from within CloudShell Portal:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\QualiSystems\CloudShell\Portal\customer.config file, and add the following key:

    <add key="BiHost" value="http://sisensePortal_Address:sisensePortal_Port/" />

  2. In the "value" field of the BiHost key, enter the Sisense server IP address and port of the Sisense portal, as configured in the installation procedure.

    Important: Make sure to include "http://" and a forward slash "/" at the end of the value. For example: <add key="BiHost" value=""/>

  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the CloudShell Portal website via the IIS Manager or run the CloudShell Portal Configuration Wizard if the CloudShell Portal website is running on IIS Express.
  1. Open CloudShell Portal.

    The main CloudShell Portal menu contains a direct link to Insight.

  2. To ensure that the link is correctly configured, open the link from your web browser and try to reach the Sisense portal. If the portal is blocked, check that the address and port are correct and that the network is enabled.