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ElastiCube Data Stores

The component tables that make up the ElastiCube data store for CloudShell Insight BI are listed below. Each of these component tables are separately described in ElastiCube Tables.

Component tableDescription


Calendar listing of days


The list of tests which were executed from CloudShell Portal.

Job execution history

The list of jobs for execution

Measurements only

Test attributes and measurements values

Topology log

The list of blueprints

Reservation summary log

The list of sandboxes

Resource attributes value summaryAll the information about all the resources in the system.

Reservation daily log

List of sandboxes in each day

Resource family log

The list of families in the inventory

Resource log

The list of resources in the inventory

Resource model log

The list of models in the inventory

Resource utilization log

Daily snapshot of the resource usage

Suite execution history

The list of suites that were submitted for execution

TestShell domain log

The list of domains

User group

List of groups