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CloudShell Insight BI Components

The CloudShell Insight BI package includes the following components:

  • QS_ElastiCube: the default data structure that ElastiCube collects from CloudShell
  • Default Dashboards: out-of-the-box dashboards that present valuable information:
  • Automation Suites: track your automation executions and jobs
  • Automation Test: track automation executions and results over time
  • Blueprints: track blueprint usage and resource allocation over time
  • Inventory: view all your resources by family and model
  • Sandboxes: track sandboxes and consumption of licenses
  • Users: analyze user activity, resources and blueprints
  • Utilization (Resource, Chassis/ Blade/ Port): identify bottlenecks and unused resources
  • Virtualization Infrastructure: track your virtualized resources, including Apps and services
  • Rebranding Files: set of files for branding CloudShell Insight