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BI Terminology

The terminology used in this guide is listed in the following table:


ElastiCube is a data store, designed to withstand extensive querying. The ElastiCube data is cached on the BI server and serves as the data layer for the dashboard.

The default ElastiCube database, named QS_ElastiCube, holds the information collected from CloudShell and can be extended with additional data sources, such as external databases, Excel files or web services.


A dashboard is a set of interactive widgets that queries the information stored in the ElastiCube. You can control the dashboard functionality and design, and share it with additional users.


A widget is a dynamic visualization of data. There are many types of widgets available, for example: indicators, pie charts, bar charts, area maps, and pivot tables.

An example of a dashboard where execution results are analyzed graphically is depicted in the following diagram: