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About CloudShell

CloudShell is a cloud automation platform that lets you deliver fully functional sandboxes over any combination of infrastructure, from legacy to public cloud, and eliminate resource conflicts. Creating a blueprint can be as simple as dragging the resources you need from the inventory and creating the connections between them.

CloudShell significantly reduces blueprint configuration time (by automating the management of IT resources), offers clear visibility into your organization’s resources and their availability status, and optimizes resource use.

With a robust data analysis and visualization engine, CloudShell provides you with business insights into your IT infrastructure, including health, consumption and availability data.

CloudShell offers the following powerful self-service infrastructure automation capabilities:

  • Cloudifying and automating operational processes including application development, QA and testing, training, technology demonstration, integration and proof of concept and complex infrastructure deployment.
  • Enabling DevOps, agile and continuous development processes, leading to faster time to market
  • Managing your inventory of all physical, virtual, public cloud and logical resources
  • Open integration with legacy and dedicated infrastructure, private and public clouds, and industry-specific infrastructure both directly and via any automation tool or language
  • Reserving and scheduling blueprints
  • Generating resource utilization BI reports
  • Reservation and scheduling system
  • Resource utilization BI reporting
  • Web-based self-service portal and catalog