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CloudShell APIs

Quali's CloudShell APIs allow you to interact with and automate CloudShell for enhanced, customizable platform management, functionality, and usability.

CloudShell applications have multiple APIs. Many actions that are available in the clients can be automated via the APIs. For example, CloudShell Sandbox API enables you to automate the deployment and teardown of sandboxes, and run commands on a sandbox's resources and Apps while TestShell API allows you, among other things, to perform administrative operations like creating users and assigning them to groups.

The various APIs enable you to get services from the Quali Server and to utilize CloudShell's capabilities for Shell automation, blueprint orchestration, sandbox deployment and test automation. Using Quali's CloudShell APIs, you can integrate between CloudShell and third-party applications in the DevOps ecosystem, such as a continuous integration solution like Jenkins (or any web application).

Quali's CloudShell APIs include:

  • CloudShell Automation API to automate CloudShell from Python scripts and drivers
  • TestShell API to automate CloudShell processes, and is especially useful for writing Authoring drivers or TestShell tests
  • Quali API to control the scheduling and queuing of test automation suites
  • Packaging API to automate the creation and configuration of CloudShell blueprint packages
  • CloudShell Sandbox API, a RESTful API to automate the deployment of CloudShell sandboxes and interact with sandbox components.

For additional information, visit the CloudShell API Guide.