CloudShell Version: 2023.3 GA
Guide Version: 1.0
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Mark Resources "in use"

This option is enabled using the HideMarkInUseAction key.

In some situations, you may want a certain resource to stay active even after the sandbox ends. By defining the resource as "in use", when the sandbox time ends, the sandbox will go into overtime and remain active until a privileged user manually removes the "in use" status from the resource or ends the sandbox. Overtime needs to be enabled using the AutoEndReservation key.

Note: Only unshared resources can be marked "in use".

To mark or unmark a resource "in use":

  1. In Diagram view, hover over the resource. The Actions menu is displayed.

    In List view, in the required resource's row, click the Actions menu.

  2. Select Mark "In Use"/Mark Not In Use".