Setting the Test Execution Report Template for Automation Suite Tests

This key enables you to set the template to use when generating execution reports for tests that were executed as part of an automation suite in the Job Scheduling dashboard.

To set the report template for tests:

  1. Close Testshell Runner, if it is open.
  2. Open the C:\Program Files (x86)\QualiSystems\CloudShell\Portal\customer.config file, and add the following key:

    <add key="DefaultReportTemplate" value="<template name>"/>

    The report templates that come out of the box are Test Results (default), Test Steps, Detailed Report and Failure Report.

    Tip: To see all available report templates, in TestShell Studio, in the Home ribbon, click the View Report button and expand the Template drop-down list in the Execution Query tab.

  3. Restart the CloudShell Portal IIS service.