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Update Sandbox Properties

You can change the properties of the sandbox using the Update dialog box in the sandbox workspace.

To change the sandbox properties:

  1. In the sandbox workspace, from the Sandbox menu, select Properties.

    The Update dialog box is displayed.

  2. Make the required changes. For additional information about these properties, see Reserving a blueprint.

    ScheduleSandbox duration. Specify the explicit start and/or end time. Use the Calendar button to set future dates. If a max duration was set for the sandbox or the user, the user will not be able to extend the sandbox duration beyond this setting. If a maximum duration set for both the user and the sandbox, the shorter duration prevails.

    The name of the sandbox to be displayed in CloudShell. By default, the new sandbox name is the blueprint name.

    Note: The sandbox’s name has a limit of 60 characters.

    DescriptionSandbox description to be displayed in the Blueprint Catalog. By default, the sandbox inherits the blueprint's description.
    OwnerSandbox owner. By default, the user who initiated the scheduling action is set as the sandbox owner.
    Permitted Users

    Users permitted to use this sandbox. Permitted users have enhanced permissions on the sandbox, as explained in Permissible actions for permitted users. You can assign any user to be a permitted user, even an external user. A notification is sent when a permitted user is added to an active sandbox (if email notifications are enabled).

    Email Notifications

    Email notifications to be sent to the owner and permitted users of the sandbox at different times during the lifecycle of the sandbox. Options are On start, On setup complete, Before end, and On end (you can decide exactly when to receive notification).

    Note: This capability requires the administrator to activate the email notifications feature using the ReservationEmail configuration keys.


    Blueprint on which the sandbox is based.

    Note: Once active, it is not possible to change the blueprint for the sandbox.

  3. Click Update.

    The sandbox workspace is displayed.