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Run a free text search for saved sandboxes listed in the dashboard.Switch between the Sandboxes dashboard and the Blueprint Catalog.The main work area lists saved sandboxes. Click a sandbox to open its diagram.Click the Actions button to either restore or delete a saved sandbox.Click the actions button at the end of the row for additional actions related to the saved sandbox, including to either restore or or delete a saved sandbox, copy the sandbox ID, and show all active or pending restored sandboxes of the saved sandbox.Click the Actions button to sort and filter the contents of the column.The main work area lists saved sandboxes. Click a saved sandbox to open its diagram.

Saved Sandboxes Dashboard

With the Save and Restore paid add-on, the Saved Sandboxes dashboard displays sandboxes you saved in the domain (administrators can also see other users' saved sandboxes). Here, you can view, restore and delete saved sandboxes.

Navigating the Saved Sandboxes Dashboard

In the image below, hover over an area or option to learn more about it, or use the table that follows.

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