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Labels in Sandboxes

Labels make the blueprint more readable by visually grouping your sandbox's resources, Apps, and services according to some shared quality or characteristic, like "Spine Network", "Web Servers" or "Firewall".

  • Labels are created in the blueprint and can be used in the sandbox. For additional information, see Labels in Blueprints.
  • Labels are only visible in Diagram view and when using the Medium Icons display mode.

Viewing labels

If any of the sandbox's components have labels, the Labels Legend is displayed at the top of the canvas, showing the labels that are currently in use.

To view the diagram's labels:

  1. Hover over a component. From the context menu, select Labels.

    The Labels menu is displayed, listing the diagram's labels.

  2. Optionally use the Search Label field to quickly find labels. You can search for full or partial terms or phrases.

Applying labels

Select an existing label and apply it to a component.

To apply a label to a component:

  1. In the Labels menu, select a label.

  2. Click Apply.

Removing labels

To remove a label from a component:

  1. In the Labels menu, click the label in the list to deselect it.

  2. Click Apply.