Create Blueprint Commands

You can add, to your blueprint, commands that perform different orchestration tasks through the use of Python scripts containing these commands. This configuration is done in the blueprint's Properties page. However, before configuring blueprint commands, the blueprint scripts must be added to CloudShell Portal. For additional information, see Configure Blueprint Orchestration.

Adding Scripts

Scripts give you the flexibility to customize a blueprint and make extra features available, for example, adding specialized commands that can be run in a sandbox. You can add commands through Python scripts and upload them to CloudShell Portal to be used when configuring blueprint orchestration, including PY, PYC, and ZIP files containing several Python files.

Use the steps in the following procedure to add blueprint and resource scripts to the CloudShell Portal.

Note: The script will be added to the domain you are currently in. To expose the script to all domains, add the script in the Global domain.

To add blueprint and resource scripts:

  1. In the Manage dashboard, from the left sidebar, select Scripts > Blueprint or Scripts > Resource to open the respective script catalog.
  2. In the toolbar, click +Add New Script.

    A dialog box is displayed, prompting you to select a script to upload.

  3. Browse and select a script file to upload to CloudShell, and click Open.

    The Uploading Completed message is displayed at the top of the script catalog, indicating the upload status. When completed, the Edit button is displayed on the right. For more information, see Editing scripts.

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