Update Resource Attributes

You can prepare or assign, from within the blueprint workspace, resource attributes that have the Setting rule attached to them. For example, to define values that you will want to use later on in the sandbox for a specific scenario.

Points to consider: CloudShell does not automatically set the new values on the resource, as it does when you set custom resource attribute values in the sandbox.
  • You need to first apply the changes using the Activate-topology API, which can be added to the setup flow. Please take into account that this API will also trigger the connection of all the L1 routes.
  • Alternatively, you can read the updated values from the blueprint's information using the GetTopologyDetails API, and either use it to set the values on the resource or just use it as part of the scripts.

To modify resource attributes:

  1. In Diagram view, hover over the resource. From the Actions menu, select the Attributes option.

    The Resource Attributes pane is displayed.

  2. You can edit attributes that are not set to read-only by clicking the  button next to it.
  1. Click Save.

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