Creating Blueprints

This article guides you on how to create your blueprint, provision it with resources, Apps and services, create connections between the different elements and configure additional blueprint settings, like adding commands to be used in sandboxes based on this blueprint.

For video tutorials about blueprints, visit Quali's Training webpage.

To create, provision and configure a blueprint:

  1. Create a Blueprint
  2. Name your Blueprint
  3. Add Resources
  4. Add Apps
  5. Add services
  6. Add Abstract Resources
  7. Labels in Blueprints
  8. Add Physical Network Connectivity Requirements
  9. Add Virtual Network Connectivity Requirements
  10. Check Blueprint
  11. Check Blueprint Routes
  12. Define the Blueprint's Properties
  13. Create Blueprint Commands
  14. Configure Blueprint Orchestration
  15. Add Instructions
  16. Add User Inputs
  17. Set the Blueprint's Privacy (Public / Private)
  18. Import a Blueprint Package into CloudShell
  19. Export Blueprint Packages and Configurations
  20. Duplicate A Blueprint (Save A Copy)
  21. Create Template from Blueprint (Save As Template)