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What's New in CloudShell 9.3 Help

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Troubleshooting Guide

The Troubleshooting Guide provides possible causes to common errors and offers step-by-step instructions to resolve them. To help you quickly find what you are looking for, simply search for the error or check out the guide's table of contents, organized in categories like Database and Permissions, QualiX and vCenter.

Help Patch Documentation Updates

Version 1.1:

  • Limit a user to a number of planned/future reservations: CloudShell 9.3 Patch 2 allows admins to control the maximum number of scheduled sandboxes for CloudShell users. They can set a default for new users using the DefaultUserMaxScheduledSandboxes admin configuration key and override the default for specific users via Resource Manager Client and the API. Related to idea:

Release 9.3 Features and Enhancements

Below are some of the major improvements and enhancements introduced in this CloudShell version:

  • Enhanced control over abstract resources in saved sandboxes:
    • Abstract resources and templates: You can now decide how CloudShell will handle abstract resources in saved sandboxes. By default, the selected resource is included in the saved sandbox, but users can choose to save the abstract resource instead, to have CloudShell select an available resource when the saved sandbox is restored. This setting is configured on the abstract resource or template. For additional information, see Save behavior for abstract resources.
    • Blueprints: Blueprint designers can set the abstract resource behavior policy in the blueprint properties. For details, see Define the Blueprint's Properties.

  • Email notification enhancements:
    • Email notification when adding permitted users to sandboxes: Starting with version 9.3, CloudShell sends email notifications to permitted users when added to an active sandbox via CloudShell Portal or the AddPermittedUsersToReservation API. Once added to the sandbox, the permitted users will also receive any other email notifications defined for that sandbox.
    • 'On setup complete' email notification: When reserving or restoring a sandbox, users can now set the sandbox to send an email notification when the sandbox's setup process completes.

    For additional information, see Email Notifications Overview.

  • QualiX 3.0: QualiX 3.0 provides native support for dockerized images as well as improved clipboard integration, allowing you to directly copy/paste content to and from the QualiX machine.

Ease of use and ideas from our Community

This CloudShell release introduces several enhancements and updates taken from our Community’s Idea-box:

API enhancements

XML RPC / CloudShell Automation API:

The following enhancements were implemented in both TestShell API / CloudShell Automation API.

  • CreateImmediateReservation, CreateImmediateTopologyReservation, CreateReservation, CreateTopologyReservation, RestoreSavedSandbox: The above APIs now include a new parameter called "NotifyOnSetupComplete" which sends a notification email to the reservation owner when setup is complete after reserving a blueprint or restoring a saved sandbox. Available in TestShell API / CloudShell Automation API.
  • AddPermittedUsersToReservation: Starting with CloudShell 9.3, when adding permitted users to an active sandbox, those users will receive an email notification informing them of the update with a link to the sandbox.

Key online help improvements

In addition to other improvements and enhancements, below are some of the major improvements in the CloudShell 9.3 online help. Most of these updates were the result of customer inquiries and feedback. Such updates were published on the fly and are included in the current online help.

The following documentation updates were released with the 9.3 GA online help:

The following were released with the 9.3 EA online help:

Key CloudShell Dev Guide enhancements

Supported shells and standards

  • Generic Resource with Connected Commands standard
  • Generic Connectable Resource standard
  • Wave2Wave Rome L1
  • Polatis L1
  • Alcatel Timetra Shell 2G now supports new Nokia-ALU devices
  • Cumulus Linux Shell 2G

We also released updated versions of the following CloudShell tools:

  • CloudShell Recorder version 1.1.0: Enhanced SNMP bulk recording capabilities
  • CloudShell Autodiscovery tool includes autodetect capabilities for physical connections

The "CloudShell Standards" documentation pages are available on this GitHub page, and published in our community's Integrations page.

Quali U Courses updates

The following updates pertain to courses in our Quali U Courses portal.

  • CloudShell 9.3 for Blueprint Designers course:
    • Using Abstract Resources video: Updated with Save and Restore functionality
    • Creating a blueprint video: Added labeling note
  • CloudShell 9.3 for Admins course:
    • Course Overview page: Disclaimer about CloudShell Team Tier limitations
    • New CloudShell Insight step
    • Physical layer connectivity (using layer 1 switches) video: Re-did video to reflect layer-1-switch shell template-based import procedure
    • Importing a layer 1 switch into CloudShell exercise: Rewrote steps to reflect layer-1-switch shell template-based import procedure
  • Azure Integration for Admins course:
    • Configuring CloudShell Authentication on Azure video: Updated Azure API video to reflect UI updates implemented in Azure Portal