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CloudShell - Typical Use Cases

CloudShell's cloud and lab management solution can be used for a variety of different use cases. In this article, we listed the more common ones.

Dev/Test (Environment as a Service)

In this use case, CloudShell is used as a central location for different teams in the organization to consume sandboxes for their day-to-day development and testing activities, allowing for better exposure and utilization of physical and virtual infrastructure for different types of end users in a repeatable manner.

  • Applies to: Physical, virtual and hybrid environments
  • Target audience: Engineers, developers, architects, and anyone else who needs to develop or test against the organization's network, APIs, physical/cloud-hosted devices, and operating systems

Demo lab

Let's say you have a sales team that needs on demand environments for POCs or product demos at a prospective customer. The sales engineer could install the system on their laptop and make the necessary tweaks and configurations, but this takes time and will require involving IT staff. With CloudShell, the demo environments are prepared in advance and the sales person simply needs to schedule a reservation of the desired blueprint for the POC meeting and CloudShell will spin up the environment, running any pre-configured automation in the process.

  • Applies to: Virtual cloud-based and hybrid environments
  • Target audience: Sales engineers

For example, blueprint that deploys a product suite, including front end server, DB and load balancing: