Configuring Sisense to Work with SSO

Use the instructions in the following procedure to configure Sisense to work with SSO.

To configure Sisense to work with SSO:

  1. In the Insight tab, click Admin and select Single Sign On from the left menu.
  2. Enable the Single Sign On Configuration check box.
  3. Select the SSO method to use: JWT / SAML 2.0.
  4. In the Remote Login URL field, add the following URL:

    http://[CloudShell Address]/Account/SisenseLogin


    An authentication string is displayed in the Shared Secret or Public Certificate field, depending on the SSO method you selected.

  5. Copy the authentication string.
  6. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\QualiSystems\CloudShell\Portal\customer.config file, and add the following key:

    <add key="BiSSOSecret" value="[authentication-string]"/>

  7. Save the file and restart the CloudShell Portal IIS service.