CloudShell Deployment Overview

To manage a lab, you need to add all your equipment into CloudShell via Resource Manager.

In CloudShell, the devices are considered resources.

After adding your equipment into CloudShell, you will need to create your resources. Resources are based on what we call shells. A shell is a CloudShell entity that defines the resource's metadata, attributes, and automation, and resource structure. CloudShell supports two types of shells, 1st Gen and 2nd Gen resources. Learn more at Shells Overview.

CloudShell can only manage devices it knows about, so you will first need to import the shells into CloudShell and then create your resources.

The admin user is responsible for populating CloudShell and ensuring that all devices are loaded to the lab.

The admin user is responsible for setting up the resource repository.

Set up the user groups and resource domains, and then add or import users to the system.