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New Job Scheduling

The New Job Scheduling is available as an add-on. For details, contact your account manager.


The New Job Scheduling is the 2nd Gen version of CloudShell’s existing Job Scheduling solution and features a streamlined user experience, improved performance and support for bigger loads.

The New Job Scheduling is a high-performance test automation framework that allows organizations to create, manage and execute test batches.

Each test batch, called a suite, contains jobs. Each job can run multiple tests, sequentially using a defined blueprint. When a job starts running, a sandbox based on the job’s blueprint is created specifically for the job’s execution and torn down when the job completes. As such, a suite can have several jobs, each running tests on different sandbox environments.


Robot tests are supported out of the box, but the New Job Scheduling can be extended to support additional test types on request. To support a testing framework, you need to configure two dedicated services, a Test Discovery Service for retrieving the tests from the test repository and a Test Execution Service for running the tests of this type.

With the New Job Scheduling, you get:

  • Test automation and execution capabilities
  • Support for on-demand/scheduled executions
  • Out-of-the-box support for Robot Framework tests
  • Test Execution Servers assigned to specific domains
  • Capability to manage the rapid execution of hundreds of jobs in parallel through API and UI specifically designed to handle such loads
  • Dedicated sandbox environment spun up per job with the required infrastructure, applications and networks
  • User-friendly UI allowing you to set up and execute suite templates in minutes
  • RESTful API for automation and integration with CI/CD tools
  • Reports per test execution